Free Digital Marketing And WordPress Guide For Students

This is still a work in progress.  The following links will be organized shortly:

Setting Up A Free URL On Namecheap For University Students


Installing WordPress On SiteGround Using Softaculous

How To Register For Themify And Install & Setup Themify Template


How To Install Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Yoast In A WordPress Website


Learn How To Use CANVA


How To Set Up A Themify Template In WordPress.


How Do I Change A Page On My Website To The Homepage In WordPress?


How To Edit Skins And Layouts In Themify


How To Create, Reorder And Format Menus With Themify For WordPress


How To Come Up With Design Ideas And Easily Add Pre-Designed Content To Themify


How To Edit The Footer In Themify And WordPress


How To Create An Overlay Effect On An Image In Themify


Creating a Quick and Simple WordPress Website in 30 Minutes


A Beginners Guide To Optimizing Images For A Website


How To Install Google Analytics Into A WordPress Website


How To Use The Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder


How To Set Up Google Analytics Filters For Raw, Test and Master Views


How To Set Up Conversion Tracking In Google Analytics 4


How To Set Up Dashboards In Google Analytics


Creating A File Download Page And Setting Up A File Download Event In Google Analytics


How To Track Conversions With Contact Form 7 The Easy Way


How To Do Basic On-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


How To Backup WordPress And Implement Some Security Features


How To Install Google Search Console Into A WordPress Website And Connect To Google Analytics