How To Register For Themify And Install & Setup Themify Template

How To Register For Themify And Install & Setup Themify Template


arnold on Aug 31, 2018

The first thing you need to do is to get your Coupon Code from Canvas. There is an excel spreadsheet that has your name and the coupon code that gives you a one year subscription to the Ultra Theme from Themify.

Once you get your code go to:

Fill out the sign up form and enter the coupon code provided (you don’t need to make any payment with the coupon code entered). Fill it out similar to the example below:

Themify Registration

When you click NEXT you will then see this thank you screen:

Thank You For Signing Up At Themify

Click the “here” link to access your Themify Dashboard. When you click to access the member’s area you will end up at the following URL:

This will take you to the dashboard for your Themify account. We are going to download a template from Themify called “Ultra” and upload it into our WordPress. To download the theme click on “Ultra Theme.” Save this to your computer.

Themify Dashboard

You will then need to log into your WordPress website.

To do this you can enter your website URL followed by /admin.

My URL is

To sign into WordPress I can enter:


Doing that will take you to the following screen:

WordPress Login

Enter your login information that you set up when you loaded your WordPress installation in Siteground and Click the “Log In” button.

 When you click “Log In” you will be redirected to your WordPress Dashboard which will look like this:

Installing a Theme in WordPress Dashboard

We want to install the template which is located under Appearance (See Above).

Once you Click the Themes button look at the top and Click “Add New”

Themes, Add New In WordPress

Then Click “Upload Theme” (see below)

Then Select the file you downloaded from Themify which is called:   “”

Then click “Install Now.”

Upload A Theme In WordPress

Doing this will upload your theme to WordPress. After uploading you will get a screen where you need to activate your upload.

Installing A Theme In WordPress

You’ll then be asked which skin you want to import. For now you can just import the default skin. Click on Import under the first option as shown in the picture below:

Importing Themify Demo Content

 Once you do that it takes you to the theme options:

Required Themify Plugins Addons

 Do not worry about these right now. We will import these later.

Click “Proceed Import”

Then look at the top of the screen for a message that says you will require a plug-in.  If you don’t see it then click on “Themify Ultra” in the left sidebar. If (when) you see this message at the top you can click “Begin installing plug-in”

 Required Plugins To Be Installed

Then click “install”

 Install Required Plugins in WordPress

Then Click The Link Below:

Return To Required Plugin installer

And then “Activate”

Install Required Plugins in WordPress

Now go to your URL to see what your website looks like. Instead of typing in your URL every time you can look in the top left of your WordPress dashboard and under “My Blog” (Or Your Name) you can click “Visit Site.”  What I like to do is right click on visit site to open the website in a new tab while I keep my dashboard open.

My Blog Visit Site WordPress

If you are in your website and you need to get back to your dashboard just look at the top left and hover over “My Blog” and then click “Dashboard.”

My Blog Dashboard in WordPress

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