How To Install Google Analytics Into A WordPress Website

How To Install Google Analytics Into A WordPress Website


arnold on Oct 28, 2018

This tutorial is going to show how to install Google Analytics into your WordPress website.

With Analytics we are able to learn a plethora of information about our websites. On a basic level, analytics will tell you how many people are visiting your site, how they found your website, how long they stayed, which content they viewed, where they are from, what devices that are using,  etc. There are thousands of different things that Google Analytics will tell you about your website.

Before we sign up for Google Analytics we are going to first install a plugin into our WordPress website. Plugins make it very easy for us to install different functionalities into our website without knowing how to code. Without the plugin we are installing today, we would have to insert code onto each page in our website. That wouldn’t be too hard on a single page website, but imagine if we were building a 10 or 20 page website. And what about an E-commerce website with thousands or products, each with their own page?

How To Install Plugins in WordPress

The first thing we need to do is get logged into the dashboard of our websites.

So enter: or

That will take you to the dashboard of your website. 

We then need to go to the plugins page which we access from the left side of the tool bar where we will click “Add New”:

Adding New Plugins WordPRess

Installing The MonsterInsights Plugin

The plugin we are installing is called “Google Analytics For WordPress By MonsterInsights.”  We can find it easily by searching for the keyword “monster” on the top right. It should be the first plugin that comes up.  Please click “install now” and then click “activate”

Finding Monster Insights In Plugins

How To Install Google Analytics Using The MonsterInsights Plugin

Now that we have the plugin installed we will be able to easily install Google Analytics into our website. But we first need to create a Google Analytics account.

Sign up for a Google account if you do not have one. If you have Gmail then you have a Google account.  If you need a Google account then go to this link:  and get signed up.

Do not use your CSU email or email account.  It will cause you a lot of problems later in the semester.  Make sure you are using a  account.

Now go to:

Click Sign Up:

Signing Up For Google Analytics

Get signed up like this example:

Setting Up Google Analytics

Then Click “Get Tracking ID” and accept the privacy notification that comes up.

Get Tracking ID From Google Analytics

You will need to accept their terms of use:

Accepting Google Analytics Terms Of Use

This will take you to a page that contains the following information:

Google Analtyics Tracking ID US Code

Now you have signed up for an Analytics Account. But we still need to link it to our websites so our websites can send data to our Analytics account. Luckily we have that plugin installed that will make this very easy. 🙂

Go back to your website and find the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard. Go to MonsterInsights and click “Settings”

Google Analytics For WordPress By Monster Insights

The click Authenticate and then “next” when it comes up.

Authenticating Your Google Account For Monster Insights

You Will Then Need To Choose your Google Account:

 Choosing Your Google Account

 Then select “Allow”

 Allowing Permission For Google Analytics Access

You will then have to choose your property.  Select Your property similar to the screenshot below. 

Authenticating Your Google Account For Monster Insights New

Then Click “Complete Authentication”

Picking A Google Analytics Profile

It will take you back to the MonsterInsights settings.  Make sure you click the Save button at the bottom:

Clicking Save button in Monster Insights

How To Check Real Time Analytics In Google Analytics

The next thing we need to do is to check to see if analytics was installed correctly. 

Let’s go back to our analytics and look on the home page.

Finding Real Time Analytics Traffic


You might see that the total people on the website is 0.

Current People On Website Right Now In Google Analytics

Go to your URL and load your website and see if you can get your traffic up to 1. You might need to load it from another browser or from your phone or from another computer. Some of you will be able to see live traffic right away. For some of you it will take 24 – 48 hours. That is no big deal. Just check it again in a few hours. Once you see this you will know it is working and installed correctly.

Live Traffic In Analytics


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