How To Edit The Footer In Themify And WordPress

How To Edit The Footer In Themify And WordPress


arnold on Oct 11, 2018

When using Themify, you can edit the majority of a page from the Themify Builder. The two places on a page that you cannot edit are the header and the footer. I have another post which talks about how to make changes to the menu and the header in Themify.

This current post is going to show you the three places where you can make changes to your footer.

How To Make Changes To Your Footer In Themify

First go to your WordPress dashboard and look for your “Themify Settings”

Then click on “Theme Settings” and open up the “Theme Appearance”  section as shown below.

How To Change The Footer In Themify

Here you will see a few different options for your footer. You can choose how you want the layout of it to look.  You can choose the position of your widgets and how many widgets you would like.

Widgets are little sections of a website where you can load a pre-configured functionality. For example, you can have a widget that displays Social Media Icons or a widget that has a contact form.  There are hundreds of widget options and I will show you where to change those next.

In the screenshot below you can see all the footer options.

How To Configure The Footer Options in Themify

How To Change The Footer On A Specific Themify Page

You can also change the Footer on a page by page basis but I don’t recommend doing this unless you have a very specific reason.

To make changes to your footer on a specific page click the “edit page” section of your page.

How To Edit A Page In Themify

Then scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click on “Page Appearance” in the Themify Custom Panel.

How To Change The Page Appearance In Themify

You will see many of the same Footer options here that you saw above in the main Themify options.

Footer options on a Themify page

How To Change The Footer Widgets In WordPress

The next place you will go to make changes to your Footer is in the widgets section of you website.  In the dashboard of your WordPress website go to “Appearance” and then “Widgets”

Where Do I Find Widgets In WordPress

Here you will see the widgets for your entire site on the right.  On the left you will see all the different types of widgets that you can add to your website.

Where Are Footer Widgets In My WordPress Website

In the screenshot above I highlight where the Footer widgets are.  You can see the content that is loaded into each of these widgets and that is what will show in the footer of my website. All those can be changed by opening them up.  To see what the widgets look like I have a screenshot loaded below:What widgets look like on a wordpress page

How To Modify The Footer With The Customize Option

The last place you can go to make changes to your footer is the customize options.

How To Turn On Customize Options In WordPress

On the left hand side click on Footer to open up all the options.

Footer Customize Options in Themify

Here you can change all the footer options just like you changed the menu. You change the font and the font size. You can add colors and logos and images, etc. Play with all the options to get your footer looking its best.


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