How To Come Up With Design Ideas And Easily Add Pre-Designed Content To Themify

How To Come Up With Design Ideas And Easily Add Pre-Designed Content To Themify


arnold on Oct 01, 2018

Using Themify to create a website is super easy once you learn a few of the basics of the Themify builder. The hardest part of making a website is coming up with the layout of the website.

Sure, Themify has some really great skins and hundreds of layouts you can choose from, but the content needs in a website will vary from client to client and website to website. You probably should not just go through a default skin or default layout and only change all the images from the original to yours.  You will have a website but it will probably be missing some key information and probably have a few sections of content with information that does not need to be there.

Luckily for you, it is very easy to remove sections you don’t need and add sections you do need from other layouts.  This post is going to first  help you to come up with some layout ideas and then show you some tricks on how to easily add or move around sections of layouts that you like.

Coming Up With Layout Ideas For A Home Page

1) Search In Other Cities: The first think I like to do when I am trying to come up with a homepage design idea is to look at the websites of similar businesses in different parts of the country.  If I am doing a website for a Fort Collins Deli then I am going to do a search for deli’s in random parts of the country.  Searches such as “Austin Deli”, “New York Deli” and “Miami Deli” are going to bring up the deli’s that are doing the best in those cities. I generally look through the top 5 in each city and usually look at about 10 cities to find one or two websites that I like enough to try and model my homepage after. The image below shows the top 5 delis that come up for Austin. In this example the 5 deli’s that come up do not have visually appealing websites so I would move on to the next city until I find a few.

Austin Deli Search Results

2) Do A Best In Category Search: The other thing I like to do, is a search for the best in category.  What this means is searching for a term like “best deli website” and letting it run on a global search. Lot’s of times there are category dependent web design companies who will have a showcase of their best websites. Sometimes Google will just show the websites that have the most links to them.

When I do the “best deli” search I actually get some good results. The first result is a web design company that put together a list of their favorite deli websites in preparation for a deli web design project.  The five websites they listed look great. Additionally, the first four results in the search engine results page are really nice websites I would use to model a website after.


Best Deli Website Search Results

As far as deli websites go, I think all of these websites look great in different ways and they could all be inspirational websites.

Katzs Delicatessen

Master Piece Deli

Mitchell Deli

Jason’s Deli

3. Lastly, what I like to do is to look through a showcase of websites that were made with the Theme I am using. It would be helpful for me to see the websites that were made with Themify and in particular, Ultra. A quick Google search of “themify ultra showcase” brings up several showcase options.

Themify Ultra Website Showcase

Looking through the showcase I will try and find websites that are similar to what I am trying to make. Two websites that stood out from the showcase for a deli looking website was: and

How To Import, Export and Add Pre-designed Modules In Themify

One thing you can do in Themify is grab pieces of one layout and load them into another.  I like to load a bunch of layouts in new tabs and look for parts that would look great in the homepage I am building. To do this is very simple.  You just export one section and then import it into your current page.  Another thing you can do with Themify is load a pre-designed column in right from the builder and then change out the information to make it your own. The following video shows you how to do all this:

The Ultimate