Video Production Tips and Resources

Video Production Tips and Resources


samantha on Nov 28, 2018

Video Production Tips and Resources

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Why does your small business need to know about video production? Videos can have a major impact on businesses as consumers want to see more videos from marketers. More than one third of all online activity is spent watching video, and visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared than any other type of content (Hainla 2018).

It is important to remember that the content of a video is more valuable than how professional it looks. Videos are an effective tool to appeal to the emotions of viewers and can explain how a business makes lives easier, better, more fulfilling, etc. (Copp 2018).

Factors to Consider:

  • Choose the right platform – where is your audience most likely to see it?
  • Choose proper orientation – square videos look good on desktop and mobile
  • Use the same color scheme, font, etc. to create a unique brand and sense of uniformity
  • Add a soundtrack
  • Target the right audience
  • Measure video performance

A video for social media needs to meet certain criteria to engage and perform well. The content must be easy to digest, condensed down to one minute, and include plenty of visuals. There are three main types of marketing videos to create that your small business should consider if you are not too familiar with video production.

Product Demonstration Videos

A product explainer video can make your small business appear more legitimate, lets customers know what you do, and leaves an impression. A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach is a good start for businesses making their first video. It is useful to explain the features of your product or service but also what problem the business solves.

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Infographic Videos

Company story videos are useful if the business has an interesting background. How did the business get started? What was the motivation behind starting the company? Be sure to feature friendly faces because people tend to buy products/services based on emotion over logic.

Types of Company Stories

  • Feature employees to tell their own stories that can be compiled into one video
  • Interview employees to show day-to-day life and bits of company culture
  • Use footage from a company event or party for more authentic interactions

Promotional Videos

Customer testimonials can make a significant impact on customer perception of a business. As more people rely on reviews and recommendations, testimonials offer credibility and trust of company products and services (Mudarri 2018). Interview long-term customers who have experienced tangible results and share them on a prominent channel of the business.

  • Give customer an idea of topics to cover but not explicit questions; this will produce more authentic responses
  • Shoot the video at a location where the customer feels most comfortable
  • Let the camera run and edit later; keep the interview conversational

Overall, video is a method of building trust, establishing credibility, and showing purpose. Small businesses can truly benefit from content beyond photos and text.

Technical Tools for Creating Videos

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For iPhone and MacBook users, iMovie is an ideal option for editing videos; this software is especially convenient to use due to its mobile and desktop versions. For free, users have the capability to cut clips while adding text, music, and transitions.

Links for starting an iMovie video:

For desktop:

For mobile:

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Microsoft Photos

For Windows users, Microsoft Photos is another simple and free video editor. Users can choose photos and videos to arrange, and they can make simple edits like shortening video clips and applying filters (Ellis 2018). In addition, you can include transitions, insert music, and add titles.

Link for starting a Microsoft Photos video:

General Video Tips:

  • Start with a script
  • Keep it short (60 seconds or less)
  • Use simple, conversational language
  • Incorporate shots of what the business is selling
  • Use natural and even lighting for best quality
  • Make sure sound is clear and not fuzzy
  • Consider adding subtitles or descriptions as people watch videos on silent



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