How To Move A Website From NameCheap To Other Hosting

How To Move A Website From NameCheap To Other Hosting


arnold on Nov 29, 2023


This guide is for my students who want to move their websites from NameCheap Hosting To other hosting (dreamhost, Bluehost, Justhost, etc.) or to keep it on Namecheap.

Currently student websites are on a url that has their first name and last. For example:   These websites need to be moved to a better url. For example:

Additionally, the websites were installed with the Bitnami installer. Even though Google Cloud hosting is stable, the way Bitnami installs the websites is very finicky and prone to problems such as viruses and websites breaking unexpectedly.

Moving a website is not a simple copy and paste. It is very difficult to do if you do not have experience with it. My recommendation would be to go to a freelancer website and hire a developer to move your website for $20ish dollars.  Common freelance websites include fiverr, PeoplePerHour and UpWork. You can go to these websites and search for something like “Move Website To New Hosting”  or “Migrate Website To New Hosting.”

One freelancer that I highly recommend is Muhammad.

His link on PPH is below:

Before hiring a developer to move a website you need to first have all your login information ready to go and your new URL and new hosting set up.

Step 1: Purchase A URL or Get Your New URL ready

The first step in moving a website is to have a url for the website. If you have a URL, then make sure you have access to the URL.  You will need to change the DNS of the URL once the website is moved. Common places to register URL’s include Godaddy and Namecheap. If you do not have a URL I would suggest buying a URL from one of those two places.

If you need to know where the client go their URL you can look it up at


Step 2: You need to write down your login information for NameCheap.

You should change your password first to something generic if you are using a personal email. Look to the bottom of the page to see how I create my list.

Step 3: Set Up New Hosting or Give Access To Your New Hosting To Your Developer

You will now need to set up new hosting. For the websites my students make, shared hosting should be adequate for them.

Namecheap has one year of WordPress hosting packages for about $35. You can access this deal here.

You can just select this product here:

Namecheap hosting

When setting up make sure you use a generic password that you can share with your developer. They will need access to your new hosting.

Step 4: Grant admin access to your WordPress website that you want moved

With this step you need to give your developed access to the site you want moved.  You need to go to Users -> Add New.  Then set a username, email address, copy the password and grant them Admin access.  If you do not know their email address then you can just use your email.  It does not matter.

Add Developer To WordPress Dashboard


Step 5:  Create A Document With All The Information Neatly Displayed To Make It Easier For Your Developer To Access Everything

You could send something like this:

1. We are moving a website from to

2. The website is currently hosted on NameCheap.

un: admin

pw: *********

3.  We are moving the website to Namecheap.


pw: *********

4. Our Current website can be accessed here:

un: developer

pw: ********

Step 6: Hire And Send All The Information To The Developer

Send all the info to the developer do they can move the website. It should take at least an hour if they start right away.

Step 7: Switch The DNS Of Your URL Registrar To Your Hosting

You can do this before the website is moved, or after.  It shouldn’t matter at this point. If you purchased your URL and your hosting at separate companies then you will need to change your DNS. For example if you bought your URL at GoDaddy and set up the hosting at NameCheap then you will need to change the DNS of you URL at GoDaddy to point at Namecheap. (Google “How Do I change My GoDaddy DNS”).  If you bought both your url and your hosting from Namecheap then you will not need to change your DNS. Obviously it may be easier to just purchase both from the same company. Remember, it takes a few hours for the DNS to propagate so your site might not show right away after it is moved.

Step 8: Check the code of the website to make sure your images are loading from the new website.

Right Click on your website and then click view source code.  Make sure all image are loading from the new URL. Sometimes developed forget to change the URL’s after moving. When your old site goes down, the images will not load on the new website. Let your developer know if the images are not loading from the new site.

Step 9: Delete Your NameCheap Hosting

You want to delete your hosting and then go back to your new website to make sure everything is up and running.  This is a double check for the images and their URL’s.

Once you delete your old hosting you are all set!



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