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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Welcome To The Social Media Marketing Guide For Small Business Owners.

The following guide provides a general framework for your small business to begin and maintain a social media presence. Given the overwhelming amount of online information available about social media marketing, these articles provide the basics of understanding different networks and resources available to you.

  1. Introduction To Social Media Marketing
  2. How to Audit your Social Media
  3. What are Content Calendars?
  4. General Best Practices for Social Media
  5. Graphic Design Resources
  6. Easy Video Production Tips and Resources
  7. Understanding Social Media Analytics
  8. Social Media Advertising Basics
  9. What is Content Marketing?
  10. How to Grow your Social Media

Overall, this guide is intended to provide your business with general information and resources for creating an online presence. By going these articles, your business can better understand different elements of social media and how to interact with your audience.