Graphic Design Resources

Graphic Design Resources


samantha on Nov 30, 2018

Where to Create Graphic Designs

Graphic design creates important impressions which can improve the chance of a viewer turning into a customer. It is also an important form of distinguishing your business among competitors and helps build the brand around a small business. Spending money on a professional graphic designer can provide real long-term value because they have specialized knowledge  for turning ideas into visuals and providing the company with usable formats.

However, there are several resources for your company to utilize graphic design without going over your budget. For small businesses that want to create their own graphic designs, access to several user-friendly sites can be found online.

Benefits of Graphic Design

  1. Memorable
  2. Credible
  3. Unique
  4. Brand Establishment

Graphic Design Tools

  1. Pixabay
  2. Canva
  3. Snappa
  4. Gravit
  5. Piktochart


PixabayPixabay is a website where small businesses can download and use images for free. This makes them safe to use without requiring permission or giving credit to the artist, even for commercial use. It allows users to search and choose from over 1.6 million stock photos, and these images can then be incorporated into easy graphic designs.


CanvaCanva is a drag-and-drop editing system. They offer a large range of design tools, custom text, backgrounds, illustrations, and stock photos. This is especially useful if your small business is unsure of what photos you are legally allowed to use for publishing and distribution (Domingo 2017).

Further, Canva provides premade templates sized for different online platforms such as Instagram posts and Twitter headers. Graphic designs can also be made according to specific dimensions in order to upload personal images.

While several components of Canva are free to use, they offer paid premium content such as access to more stock photos. A premium account, called Canva for Work, lets your business import your own fonts, adds other members for collaborations, and saves specific color schemes.



Snappa is another drag-and-drop, premade template resource for visual content. It is very similar to Canva, but one of their most notable features is the ability to resize photos for different formats (Domingo 2017). For example, an Instagram picture can be altered to fit a Facebook cover photo or a Twitter header. The user-friendly site only requires a few clicks to maintain the design.

Snappa is also free, but their premium account includes more stock images and unlimited downloads of designs. They also let customers save their projects to Snappa’s cloud and have the option of uploading custom fonts.



Gravit is a useful tool for logo creation and website mockup. It is free for all functions, and a suitable alternative to Adobe Illustrator. This site is best for “vector graphics,” or images that remain the same quality when resized (Domingo 2017). This means that the visual element will look the same whether it is on a business card or poster. In addition, Gravit offers extensive tutorials as well as a gallery of user-generated designs that can be used by anyone.


Piktochart Image

Piktochart is a free graphic design tool that lets you choose from infographic, presentation, and print templates. They offer monthly plans that include greater capabilities such as custom color schemes and watermark removal. For free, users have access to unlimited creations, editing functions and images, and downloads.


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