Free Digital Marketing And WordPress Tutorials For Small Businesses And Bloggers

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This page teaches small businesses owners and bloggers how to set up a WordPress website and then how to conduct their own digital marketing for their websites.  Listed below are all the guides you will need to get a website set up, step by step.  This is a completely free website.  All I ask is if you find this website useful, please sign up for our email list and share this website with all your friends.

How To Set Up A Website For Small Business

To set up a website for a small business you need three things.  You need a URL, You need hosting to display your website, and you need a website.  The following guides will explain these three things in more detail and also give step by step instructions on how to set them up.

  1. How To Pick And Set Up A URL
  2. Which Hosting Should I Use And How Do I Set It Up?
  3.  How Do I Create A Website And What Platform (Or CMS) Should I Use?

How To Create A WordPress Website

  1. How To Install WordPress Into Your Hosting
  2. How To Choose A Theme For Your WordPress Website
  3.  How To Set Up A Theme For Your WordPress Website

Frequently Asked WordPress Questions

  1. How To Change And Add A Menu In WordPress
  2. How To Create A Post In WordPress
  3. How To Create A Page In WordPress