Student & Professor’s Guide To Digital Marketing

This page includes all my guides from my digital marketing class and can be used as a resource for professors and students.


If you have taken my class and want to revisit a module you can find all the modules from my class below.


If you are a digital marketing professor and want to teach a relevant, hands-on digital marketing class you are more than welcome to use any of the pages below. Send me a message through the contact form if you would like some help.

The following guides show all the steps to get a website up an running using software that is donated by companies for use by students.

Setting Up Hosting, Buying A Domain Name, Installing WordPress, and Loading A WordPress Framework (Themify).

Getting a website online requires three things. You need a website address (or URL), a place to host your website online, and you need a way to upload and organize your content on the hosting to make a nice looking website. Managing and Organizing your content can be easily done with a Content Management System (CMS). The most popular CMS is WordPress. One way to make WordPress website look great is with a framework.  There are a few popular frameworks that you can use but I use Themify because of how easy it is to get nice looking websites online and the ease of which you can keep them updated.  The following guide explains all this in detail.

  1. Setting Up A Free URL On Namecheap For University Students
  2. How To Register And Set Up A Siteground Hosting Account For Free For Students
  3.  Installing WordPress On SiteGround Using Softaculous
  4. How To Register For Themify And Install & Setup Themify Template

Setting Up Your Digital Marketing Tools

Once a website is set up, the first thing you need to do is set up your analytics & search console and your basic search engine optimization settings. The following guides explain what this means and how to configure everything.

  1. How To Install Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Yoast In A WordPress Website
  2. How To Install Google Analytics Into A WordPress Website
  3. How To Install Google Search Console Into A WordPress Website And Connect To Google Analytics
  4. How To Install Yoast Into Your WordPress Website And Use It To Configure Your Search Engine Optimization. (Coming Soon).

Using Themify To Create A Website

As mentioned earlier, Themify is a WordPress framework that makes it very easy to build a nice website.  The following guides show how to get started with Themify and how to make some nice looking websites.

  1. How To Set Up A Themify Template In WordPress.
  2.  How To Edit Skins And Layouts In Themify
  3. How To Create, Reorder And Format Menus With Themify For WordPress
  4. How To Come Up With Design Ideas And Easily Add Pre-Designed Content To Themify
  5. How To Edit The Footer In Themify And WordPress
  6. How To Create An Overlay Effect On An Image In Themify
  7. How To Optimize The Websites For Mobile Phones