How To Set Up The Full Version Of Google Ads With Just An Account And No Campaigns Or Credit Card

How To Set Up The Full Version Of Google Ads With Just An Account And No Campaigns Or Credit Card


arnold on Feb 24, 2019

Overview – Why You Want The Full Version Of Google Ads

The Google Ads Platform changes all the time. In fact it updates incrementally a few times a day sometimes. One thing that Google is doing, is trying to move Google Ads users to a more automated experience with Google Ads.

For larger accounts, Google is even asking if it can manage the accounts themselves. My opinion at this time is to stay far away from their automated systems. I have dabbled with various automated controls and the results have never been good.

Additionally, Google also tries to push users into their Adwords Express which is a simplified version of Google Ads.  This is good for people who have no idea how to use Google Ads. But you lose a lot of control of your account with the limited version.

This guide will show you how to create a full Google Ads account with no campaigns set up and no need to enter a credit card.  One advantage of this is that you can use the keyword tool without a credit card which is a function that was taken away for a few years.

Setting Up A Full Version Of Google Ads

Make sure you are logged into your Google account.  The easy way to log into a Google account is to just go to and sign in.  If you do not have a Google account then you will need to create one.

Creating A Google Account

Once you have an account and are logged in, go to this link:

You will see a page that looks something like this:

Getting Started With Google Ads

Click “Start Now

You will be taken to a page that asks about your advertising goals. This page helps beginners to easily set up a Google Ads account. However, we are going to skip this and set up the account manually. To do this click on the section that says “Experienced with Google Ads

Setting Up Adwords - Experienced User

You will be asked what type of campaign you want to create.  However, we still do not want to get started on our campaign.  We just want to get our account set up first and then create our campaigns later. Select “Create An Account Without A Campaign.

Setting Up Google Ads - Setting up an account only

You will be taken to one more account level option selection screen. Here you should set everything exactly as you want it and click SUBMIT.


You will then be taken to this screen. As seen below, please click on EXPLORE YOUR ACCOUNT.

Setting Up Google Ads - Explore Your Account


We are now finally in the full of version of Google Ads with no campaigns set up yet.

Setting Up Google Ads - Account set up with no campaigns


One thing we can do now that we have an account set up is access the Google Ads Keyword Planner.  This tool gives lots of valuable information about Keywords, their search volume, anticipated costs, and competitiveness of keywords.  It also helps you to come up with new keyword ideas.  To access the Google Ads Keyword Planner click TOOLS at the top and then click on KEYWORD PLANNER.

This will open up the keyword planner which will look something like this.

How To Access The Google Ads Keyword Planner

You can play around with that or continue on to the next module which will give instruction on starting your first Campaign, Ad Group and Keywords.




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