How To Set Up A Themify Template In WordPress.

How To Set Up A Themify Template In WordPress.


arnold on Sep 17, 2018

Working With Themify Skins, Demos and Templates

So far you should have bought a url, set up your hosting, installed WordPress in your hosting and then installed the Themify Framework into your WordPress.

The next thing we want to do is to learn how to set up the built-in layouts in Themify so we can quickly and easily get a website set up with little to website design experience.

The first thing we want to do is find the main skins in the Themify section of your dashboard so we can play around with the skins.

On the left hand sidebar click on “Themify Ultra.”   Then Click the Skins and Demo Tab.

Themify Skins in WordPress


You are going to see a few different skins.  You can import any one of these templates to get started. To import a skin simply click on it and the click “import” and then “proceed import”  and then “SAVE.”

You can play around with the other skins but the only caveat is that you need to “erase” the demo data before importing a new template. If your website gets messed up and you see a bunch of menus at the top of your website then you need to go back and click “Erase” from the skin’s you imported.

The only extra step that we have is that some of the demos require additional plug-ins. After you click “Proceed Import” and “Save”  your skin will load but for full functionality you must upload the plugins. To install the plug-ins you will need to download them from Themify and then upload them to WordPress.

Select Ultra Restaurant Themify


How To Upload Themify Plugins Into WordPress:

Make sure you are logged into your Themify account. You can access your Themify account at this link:

If it asks you to pay then you need to log in or if you are already logged in, hit refresh. In the picture below, when you click on “Builder Contact” it should open up a download box where you can download the file to your computer. To load the Restaurant theme you will also need “Builder Maps Pro” so make sure you download that as well.

Downloading A Themify Plugin

Once they are downloaded you can upload your plugins in the plugin section of your WordPress dashboard.  In the Dashboard on the left side find the Plugins tab and then select “Add New”

Then at the top you will select Upload Plugin

Upload A Plugin Themify


Select the zip file that you just download from Themify ( and then click Install Now:

Selecting A Zip File With Themify In WordPress

And Don’t Forget to Activate it!

Activating A Themify Plugin In WordPress

Once you are done with that, do the same thing and upload the Builder Maps Pro Plugin zip file.

Additionally…If you look at the top of WordPress Dashboard you also MAY see something like this:

Auto Install Plugin For Themify 2

This means you have a plugin you need to install to make the Themify skin function properly.  If you click “Begin Installing Plugin” it will take you through the process to auto upload that plugin.

Now we are going to be using a lot of features of these templates throughout the semester so I need you to go ahead and load 5 more plugins.


Go  Back To Your Themify Dashboard ( and download the following Plugins

  • Builder Image Pro
  • Builder Pricing Table
  • Builder Slider Pro
  • Builder typewriter
  • Builder Timeline

Then go to Plugins -> Add New and upload and activate the plugins you downloaded.


Also, you should spend some time playing around with some of the other skins.  The more you play with this the more comfortable you will be.

Remember that it is important to erase the data when switching to new themes or else you will get double loaded websites which will look weird.

Working With Themify Layouts

Besides pre-made templates we also have one more way to get a premade page loaded on our websites. This way is called layouts.

Let’s first create a new page to load a template onto. Go to your dashboard and click PAGES then ADD NEW.

How To Add A New Page In WordPress

Then give your page a title and click PUBLISH



Now go and view your new page as shown in the image below.

view new page in gutenberg



Your page should be pretty plain.  A snapshot of what my page looks like is shown below. You can see there is some coding errors on the right hand sidebar.  The reason I get these errors is because I just didn’t configure a few things yet.  We’ll get to that later.  But your page may look something like this (depending on which skin you loaded):

Default Blank Themify Page

The next step is to turn on the Themify builder.  To do this look at the top central of your screen and simply click “TURN ON BUILDER”

Turning On The Themify Builder

Now that we are in the Themify Builder we want to load a layout so we can easily get a page set up.  To do this click on the little webpage icon shown in the image below and then click LOAD LAYOUT.

How To Load A Layout In The Themify Builder

You are going to see all the predesigned layouts that you can load into your page (in the image below).  You can search for a certain type of layout or you can scroll through.  If you want to see a detailed rendition of what the theme would look like then you can hover over a layout and click the magnifying glass.  This will load a full screen layout in a new tab for you to preview.

How To View All The Layouts In Themify And Preview A Layout

You can load any layout you want to try it out. When you click on the layout you will usually “replace existing layout.” You can “Append Existing Layout” but that is not something that happens too often.  For now, click any layout and select “Replace Existing Layout”.

Replace Or Append An Existing Layout In Themify Builder


After you have loaded the profile layout on your test page go back to your home page.

Before You Submit:

Use the instructions above and load the PROFILE layout on your HOME PAGE which can be see in the image below.  (To get there load your Themify Builder, then load a layout, search for the PROFILE layout and replace it on your home screen.)

The Home Page of your website should look something like this:

Sample Page WordPress

Save your website and now you should have the Profile layout loaded.

Please submit with the profile layout loaded.



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