How To Set Up Dashboards In Google Analytics

How To Set Up Dashboards In Google Analytics


arnold on Oct 29, 2018

Dashboards in Google Analytics keep all the important related metrics for a portion of your website in one easy to access area. There are thousands of different metrics you can add to your dashboards by using widgets. You can create a dashboard from scratch but in my experience it takes a while to put together something very useful for your website.

What I like to do instead is to do a search for a dashboard someone else created and then load the dashboard into my analytics and then change the widgets around until I get everything I need for my website.

In this tutorial I am going to give you seven of the most popular dashboards you can import into your website and let you use whichever ones you want. After I review the seven popular dashboards I will show you how to import them into your Google Analytics. (It’s Easy!)

The place where you can search for dashboards and other useful tools is the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

Five Popular Analytics Dashboards:

1) Audience Snapshot: The Audience Snapshot Dashboard gives you a top-level overview of your website users for quick insights into where your visitors are physically located, how engaged they are and what devices they are using to access your site.

Audience Report Dashboard

2) Site Performance Dashboard: This dashboard contains various speed metrics to help identify issues with your pages or servers.

Site Performance Dashboard In Google Analytics

3. SEO Dashboard: This dashboard shows how your organic search is performing.

SEO Dashboard in Google Analytics

4. Content Marketing Dashboard: This Content Analysis Dashboard is all about analyzing and providing insightful data that will help you evaluate the efficiency of the content in your website. Based on these widgets you will be able to see which one of the pages are underperforming/overperforming and adjust your content strategy according to your needs.

Site Performance Dashboard In Google Analytics

5. Social Media Dashboard: How is social performing for your brand? This dashboard gives you a view of Off-site activity, On-site activity, and Conversions/Outcomes, making it easier to evaluate user activity throughout the conversion process.

Social Media Dashboard For Google Analytics

Besides the five dashboard I just highlighted, you can search for any dashboard that is relevant to your website. Own an E-commerce website?  Search for some E-commerce dashboards. Do a lot of PPC?  Search for some PPC dashboards.

How To Import A Dashboard Into Google Analytics

Importing is very simple. Just click on the link above or when in the Solutions you can click import.

Importing A Dashboard From Google Analytics Solutions

Then you just need to select the website and the view you want when your Google Analytics opens up. Click Create.

Importing A Dashboard From Google Analytics Solutions By Selecting Account And View

That will open the dashboard in your customization folder.  The customization folder is where you can view multiple dashboards.  If you are in my class send me a screenshot of three dashboards that are relevant to your website as shown below.

Where can you find your dashboards in google analytics

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