How To Learn To Use CANVA

How To Learn To Use CANVA


arnold on Sep 15, 2018

How To Learn Graphic Design Quickly and Free.

If you want create professional looking graphics for your digital and social media properties the easiest program to use and learn is CANVA.   With Canva you can make almost any graphic that you can think of: Facebook covers, Instagram images, business cards, stylish resumes and even logos.

Canva is used in the majority of Digital and Social Media Marketing companies so it is an important to tool to learn and have on your resume.

And learning Canva only takes about 30 minutes.  The following instructions were written for my students but can be used by anyone to get started.

Instructions To Access The CANVA Tutorials

1) You must first create a CANVA account:

2) Click the Education option

Canva Signup Screen


You will then see this:

Signing Up For Canva

You can choose whichever one you want.  But since we are using the education option it is better if you sign up with an email.

If you click the email option you will see this:

Canva Signup With Email

3) Fill everything out and click “Sign Up”

4) To access the tutorials you can click the following link:

You should see a screen that looks similar to this (images may vary slightly):

Canva Tutorial Screen

These are all tutorials that you can complete.  They each take less than 5 minutes and there are 15 of them.

When you complete a module just click out of it.  It doesn’t track your progress at this point in time. Just click back on continue on to the next one. 

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